[Frequently asked Questions]

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Questions about the book.

1. How to submit a recipe.
2. How to save a recipe for later use.
3. Other Questions.

Submit a Recipe:
Choose "SUBMIT" button Select the "CATAGORY" that best suits your recipe. Give your recipe a "NAME".
Enter information. Be as brief as possible. Use the [ENTER} key to make a new line as needed. Record ingredients. Record preparation instructions. Check your spelling, and that all needed info is recorded. Select the "SUBMIT" button at bottom. If you need to start over, choose the "RESET FORM" button.

Save a Recipe:
You can "Print" the entire page for each recipe if you wish, or.... Click and drag to highlight the recipe info. Save to your clipboard. Browser Edit menu, select "copy" or Select "Ctrl + C" keys. Paste the info into your text editor for later printing. Choose "Paste" from edit menu. or Choose "Ctrl + V" keys.

Other Questions

Why does my recipe not show up in the Book after I select the submit button?
To ensure the quality of the information in our book, and for certain security reasons, we have chosen to preview all information received. Your recipes should be posted within a few hours of your submission.


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